DIY Planner/ Journal

 This is another thrift store find. It is a Franklin Quest binder like my bible journal with 1 1/2" rings but it is not in good condition. So I decided to make a cover for it in my favorite colors, that way I can add lots of pocket which I did. Instead of pen loops I added a Pen pocket on the front. I like it better because it will hold more pens. 

 I made several decorated paperclips and more scripture cards that I can change out.

I make my own day on two pages planner and journal pages and print several in different colors. These are working out really well.  I will be helping my granddaughter make one next. 
I have loved these projects.  
Have a blessed day!

New bible journal

 I have been working on some thrift store journals I found for $1:50. This is an older Franklin quest  that was like new. It is 8 1/2 x 9 1/4, Just the right size for me. I added some Hobby Lobby gold stickers and washi tape for the front. 

I did several printouts of scripture cards from Pinterest. Added a few girly things I like. I decided I wanted to put things and colors in it that I really like and I love it! 

I printed out My cover page and laminated it. 

I also printed out my own lined paper and added a floral at the top of each page for color. 
I laminated this beautiful paper for a page finder and added more stickers. I love that we can get such wonderful christian stickers at Hobby Lobbly.
I write down study notes from what the lord is showing me either in scripture or a devotion or book. right now I am slowing reading the book of John again. 
I hope I have given you some ideas here and have fun studying! 
Have a blessed day!

Journal pages...

This is todays planner page I designed for my journal. I am making copy's of these in the B & W stage so I can reuse them later. The colors, scripture and drawing will be different. I hope that works because they do take time to design them.

I printed out the 2017 calendar at @scatteredsquirrel. Love the colors and simplicity of them. So pretty!

Here are a few more pages I did. I Painted this old planner but that is not going to work. It will if I put a fabric cover on it and I may do that later. Meanwhile..

I am back in my Franklin Covey binder for now. It holds more with the 1 1/2 ring size, and now that I don't have to open it all the time because I put slits in the paper as seen below, it is working better. This binder was new when I got it last yr and was less than $2.00 at a thrift store. I felt so blessed! I did add the bling to the front of it as it was to plain for me.

I am keeping this short today. 
Have a blessed day.


This is Blue Birds laundry in the Romantic Country coloring book
I followed along with Chris Chang's videos an learned a lot about coloring and choices. Couldn't wait to get this done! It was fun. I just worked on it a little at a time for about a week. I just had to add this verse as it fit so well. Col 3:23 

This is a Coloring page in the Philippians study guide from timewarpwife. With the Lord in our hearts we can always have His joy too no matter what the circumstances are. So we can rejoice always knowing he is with us through it all.
I didn't reallize it has been so long since I posted on here, time gets away so fast.
Have a blessed day!

bullet and journal pages

I have been doing more creative Journal pages. I draw them out first, use a micron pen next, then color pencils,  

Here are a few more bujo/journal pages. I am enjoying doing some sketches and making everyday different.

love to do these doodles and coloring them.
Blessing to all!

Tiny scripture Doodles

Here we are in August already! I finished up the tinyscripturedoodles in Proverbs. 

 I am now going to do them in Philippians along with the study and the readings of His Mercy is New. I hope to keep up with them all.
I had this extra set of 48 Prisma colored Pencils that I can now keep in this cute little pencil wallet I got at amazon. It holds 74 pencils and pens, just right to have with me when I do a little art or coloring. I hope you are all enjoying summer as I am and staying in His word.

Tiny Scripture doodles, and new Bible study

 I have been keeping up with my #Tinyscripturedoodles in Proverbs with Nichole at @Goosekeeperdesighns A chapter a day. Here we are half way done.
 Here we have one week left. Then we will start something new. 

 This is just a journal page I did in the Notability App. I was just experimenting but I like how it looks sense my hand writing isn't to good. I love all the fonts and colors.

Last week I finished the Ecclesiastics study with Women living well, and their next study is going to start August 1st in James.(I am not doing this one right now).  Darlene at Time Warp Wife took the summer off to move, But she is back and going to start the Philippians study on August 8th. I am excited to do this study with her! There is always something new to learn. Hope you can join us. To get all her free material on The Philippians study just sign up to get her emails or go to her web sight or you can buy the book. 
Have a Blessed Day!

scriptures and journaling

I am doing the Tinyscripturedoodle challenge that @goosekeeperdesigns is doing. I made my own page for this so I can put it in my binder. It is a chapter a day of reading in Proverbs.#Tinyscripturedoodle then you pick a verse to doodle. This is really fun to do and I being reminded and learning in the process.

I am still dong the Ecclesiastic study with Women Living Well. Great study. 

I also went back to my binder for my daily bullet journaling,
and to write my verse of the day in the Ecc study.

Time has been flying by and I have been enjoying family and summertime. Although it has been only in the 80s lately. I am working on some health issues, nothing major,  so not blogging as much. But will improve soon. 
May you be enjoying your summer, being creative and staying in the word.

Scripture Journal,Ecc. Study and coloring page

This is a nice Cambrige journal/binder that I got at a thrift store for $2.00 a while back. I am going to use it now for mainly scripture writing.

I am adding 24 lb beautiful colored paper to my scripture journal. I bought the paper and just cut it in half. I just love color and this will make it a lot more interesting and fun

 Ecc. Study. It is going to be very good. I learned that the purpose of this book is to make us realize that our confidence in our own efforts, abilities and our own righteousness is meaningless without the Lord directing our lives by his Spirit! There is no satisfaction in life apart from God in our life! Let us commit all we do and say to him and let him led us today! 

Womenlivingwell Ecclesiastes Bible study officially started today. I am also reading a devotional by Ray Stedman The Power of His Presence a very good book. There is a section that goes through Ecc. Life is so meaningless without the Lord in our life. He gives us His word and understanding, a hope, a future, contentment, and a joy in life. I am so thankful to know Our lord and savior Jesus and to have His Spirit that lives in me! Hope you will join in the Ecc. Study!

A coloring page in the Romantic Country coloring book that I colored. I sorta followed a YouTube video on this one. Love this book! 
God bless your days!!

Bible study and notes

 I have been studying Proverbs 1 & 2 this week( about wisdom) using gel highlighters from Walmart, And different colored pens.  check post below about Jordan Lee's suggestions. Since I love color it really does help me to remember things better and is more interesting when I study. This is in my HCSB notetakers bible.

 This is in my old Inductive study bible. I was experimenting with watercolors on the right and pastels and colored pencils on the left with pinks one of my favorite colors. My study here is in Psalms 148 - 150 about worship and praising the lord. 
I am a little under the weather today so using the time being down to post here.
May God bless your time in the word this week!

The Purpose of Proverbs

These are the proverbs of Solomon, David’s son, king of Israel.
Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline,
    to help them understand the insights of the wise.
Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives,
    to help them do what is right, just, and fair.
These proverbs will give insight to the simple,
    knowledge and discernment to the young.

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