Bible Study Journal

I am still studying through Psalms with Bob Davis in the Blue Letter Bible App. This pic was taken a few weeks ago but I am now on chapter 50. Learning so much. The card, "Father I adore you", is from our printed out song list at our church in lg print. I always get a copy of it and use it in my journals. I love the words to the songs we sing. When you just read them you can learn so much and use them for a prayer and praise time at home. I have a little trouble with the lights in the sanctuary at church, so it is nice to have the printed out songs to follow along with. My eyes are not what they use to be. 
I punched the Paper lace and added it to a few pockets. I love lace in any form!
God is Good, all the time!
Have a blessed day!

Miniature trailer & vintage trailer sewing machine cover.

 I finally finished the miniature trailer and really like it!

This week I made a vintage trailer sewing machine cover. I do really like it also.
I got my ideas by browsing around on Pinterest. But still came up with my own ideas.

I my study of Psalms 47 I was reading verse 1 and 2
Oh, clap your hand all you peoples! Shout unto God with the voice of triumph!
For the Lord Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth .
I was reminded again what a great song of praise this is right out of the bible. We sing it in church 
Have a blessed Day! God is Good all the time!

DIY Miniature trailer

I thought I would try my hand at making a mimature trailer. I saw a kit but did not want to pay the price for it and wanted it to be smaller. 1/2" size.  So this is made from some foam board, craft wood sticks and fabric. I printed out  the wallpaper, rug, books, stove and cabinet fronts. I also used buttons and beads.I am not quit done with it but close. It is a girls retreat for sure all in pink. Fun to make. 
May the Lord bless your day!


 I am still doing my bible study on these pages and really like them. I am doing pretty good but have missed a few days. I really want to be more consistent. I changed studies and am going through the book of Psalms now. God is so good!

 Some new pages in my reto journal about my sewing journey.

This is a new book (Top left Pic is title) I got at Amazon. It has a weekly coloring page and a psalm a day. It is very nice. 
Have a blessed week!

Planner/ Journals

 I have been busy with planners/journals again. I found this nice turquoise one for .75c but did not like the large snap closure so took that off and replaced it with a a gem and elastic. The inside of it was all black so I glued this craft paper to the inside to brighten it up. I was going to use it for a scripture writing journal but not sure yet.  

 This is another cover I make and it is a lot like the one I gave to my daughter. I 
 liked it so much I make myself a another one almost just like it.

 This is the inside of it.

 My daughter gave me these Franklin Planner pages and I just love them. I am using them for my bible study notes. 

 These are the colors of the seasons this yr in the package.

 This is how I am using them. I am following along with Ron Moore on "Back to the Bible"
I get their emails. I write out the verse and what I observe and what it means to me. and a prayer. I also listen to their radio program and do a study and notes on that also. one of my goals is to be in the word daily and this is how I plan to make sure I do. If I have to add more notes say on one of the references I just add in a extra page. At the end of the yr, I store them in a 3" franklin covey storage binder. So this system is working out great for me.

So these are the three binders I am using. My retro one, my daily planner/journal, and my bible study, and etc. journal. I use and just love all three. 
As we all know it take a while of trying different ways of journalling and planner till we find what really works for us. This last yr has certainly been the case for me. But I am happy and content with what I have now.  
As I sit here at my computer it is snowing like crazy here in Idaho. Praying. Snow, then Ice is coming and then warn temps and flooding. May be power outage! Pray for all of us here. Thank you!
May you all be safe this winter! Gods blessings!


DIY retro Vintage binder.

 I bought this binder for again $0.75c. It was all vinyl and way to big, But I got it for the 1 1/2" rings. So I ripped it all apart down to the cardboard. Cut it down to the size I wanted and made a cover for it. I just love these colors also.  It will be a little history of the era I grew up in. The picture of the wedding dress is a pic of my pattern I still have. I made it for our wedding in 1960. Almost 57 yrs together now. It will be fun to make some creative pages for it.

My granddaughter and I make a cover for her own binder too. I forgot to take pictures, ugh.
I have no plans to make any more of these, but will now just enjoy working in them.
Have a blessed Christmas!
For a child is born to us,
    a son is given to us.
The government will rest on his shoulders.
    And he will be called:
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
His government and its peace

    will never end.
He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David
    for all eternity.
The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies
    will make this happen!

Isaiah 9:6-7

DIY planner/journals

 My how time slips by these days. I cleaned up my work space and make this box out of foam board. I added a pocket of the front for the paperclips I made. It is so useful. This fauxdori I am not using at this time. I just like the binders better for now.  

 Another $1.50 find. A pretty turquoise binder, but I didn't like the lg snap closure so took it off and added a gem and elastic.  The inside was black so I covered it with a heavy pretty paper to brighten it up. Using it for a scripture writing journal. 

 This is the second cover I just made. I gave the last one to my daughter. But I liked it so much and had to cover one more binder so I make it almost the same.

This is the inside. I added some holly to my print outs for Dec. Love all the pockets and soft colors on the inside. I am of course using it for my planner/journal.  
May you have a blessed week!
Isaiah 26:34
You will keep in perfect peace
    all who trust in you,
    all whose thoughts are fixed on you!
 Trust in the Lord always,
    for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.

DIY Planner/ Journal

 This is another thrift store find. It is a Franklin Quest binder like my bible journal with 1 1/2" rings but it is not in good condition. So I decided to make a cover for it in my favorite colors, that way I can add lots of pocket which I did. Instead of pen loops I added a Pen pocket on the front. I like it better because it will hold more pens. 

 I made several decorated paperclips and more scripture cards that I can change out.

I make my own day on two pages planner and journal pages and print several in different colors. These are working out really well.  I will be helping my granddaughter make one next. 
I have loved these projects.  
Have a blessed day!

New bible journal

 I have been working on some thrift store journals I found for $1:50. This is an older Franklin quest  that was like new. It is 8 1/2 x 9 1/4, Just the right size for me. I added some Hobby Lobby gold stickers and washi tape for the front. 

I did several printouts of scripture cards from Pinterest. Added a few girly things I like. I decided I wanted to put things and colors in it that I really like and I love it! 

I printed out My cover page and laminated it. 

I also printed out my own lined paper and added a floral at the top of each page for color. 
I laminated this beautiful paper for a page finder and added more stickers. I love that we can get such wonderful christian stickers at Hobby Lobbly.
I write down study notes from what the lord is showing me either in scripture or a devotion or book. right now I am slowing reading the book of John again. 
I hope I have given you some ideas here and have fun studying! 
Have a blessed day!

Journal pages...

Update-12-10-16  I am no longer using this black binder. It is to large. Nor the painted one either. I have had no luck with painting a binder. have tried it on two so for.     
This is todays planner page I designed for my journal. I am making copy's of these in the B & W stage so I can reuse them later. The colors, scripture and drawing will be different. I hope that works because they do take time to design them.

I printed out the 2017 calendar at @scatteredsquirrel. Love the colors and simplicity of them. So pretty!

Here are a few more pages I did. I Painted this old planner but that is not going to work. It will if I put a fabric cover on it and I may do that later. Meanwhile..

I am back in my Franklin Covey binder for now. It holds more with the 1 1/2 ring size, and now that I don't have to open it all the time because I put slits in the paper as seen below, it is working better. This binder was new when I got it last yr and was less than $2.00 at a thrift store. I felt so blessed! I did add the bling to the front of it as it was to plain for me.

I am keeping this short today. 
Have a blessed day.

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