Scriptures of the Month of September

I have been doing a 4 wk scripture writing on Contentment with the Reset girl in her group Faithful life club on FB. but I have been a week ahead ever since I started. So I am finished for Sept. I have 2 other bible studies going so I didn't want to get behind. We only did 4 verses in just 4 days in a wk so it was very easy and gave me time to be a little creative. These are the pictures of the 4 weeks. The verses were very helpful as I was reminded that it is the lords will that we be content in all things knowing He is in control and working all the time for our best.
  Isa 26:3 "You will keep me in perfect peace, when my mind is stayed on you because I am trusting in you Lord". 
And "Godliness and contentment are great gain", 1 Tim6:6  
There are lots of verses to look up on contentment and I enjoyed the study very much.  I drew out the pages of 1-3 and painted the background on wk4. Then tore the paper around the verses and glued them down.  It is fun to come up with a new idea for each week. Not that it is anything great but just a little creative and artsy.

I start our women's bible study at our church tomorrow morn and I am excited about that.  Glad to be health so I can go this yr.  We will be studying some of Psalms and Proverbs. This is the composition notebook I covered for the study. 

This is the first lesson in Psalm 1. 
May the Lord bless you this week! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your joyful love of color and design. I am so inspired by your energy and creativity. My Bible study has gotten much more colorful and fun since I found your blog. In my study of the Psalms lately, I am trying to condense each Psalm into a page of favorite phrases arranged in a variety of ways and shapes in my notebook. I like to vary my writing style and size and add lots of decorative shapes and scribblings and attempts to illustrate in quick pen "pictures". This is so much more meaningful and fun than strictly scholarly lists. God bless you!

Sharon said...

Anonymous, thank you, that is very encouraging. Your art sounds just beautiful I wish I could see it. I am always glad to share my ideas with anyone that wants to use them. My church psalm study is 7 pages of guestions. I am trying to figure out how I some art on them. God bless you too!

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