Bible Study Journal

Update When I got to ch119 I stopped a did a study just of the chapter with a group.  # I am still studying through Psalms with Bob Davis in the Blue Letter Bible App. This pic was taken a few weeks ago but I am now on chapter 50. Learning so much. The card, "Father I adore you", is from our printed out song list at our church in lg print. I always get a copy of it and use it in my journals. I love the words to the songs we sing. When you just read them you can learn so much and use them for a prayer and praise time at home. I have a little trouble with the lights in the sanctuary at church, so it is nice to have the printed out songs to follow along with. My eyes are not what they use to be. 
I punched the Paper lace and added it to a few pockets. I love lace in any form!
God is Good, all the time!
Have a blessed day!

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