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 I have been busy with planners/journals again. I found this nice turquoise one for .75c but did not like the large snap closure so took that off and replaced it with a a gem and elastic. The inside of it was all black so I glued this craft paper to the inside to brighten it up. I was going to use it for a scripture writing journal but not sure yet.  

 This is another cover I make and it is a lot like the one I gave to my daughter. I 
 liked it so much I make myself a another one almost just like it.

 This is the inside of it.

 My daughter gave me these Franklin Planner pages and I just love them. I am using them for my bible study notes. 

 These are the colors of the seasons this yr in the package.

 This is how I am using them. I am following along with Ron Moore on "Back to the Bible"
I get their emails. I write out the verse and what I observe and what it means to me. and a prayer. I also listen to their radio program and do a study and notes on that also. one of my goals is to be in the word daily and this is how I plan to make sure I do. If I have to add more notes say on one of the references I just add in a extra page. At the end of the yr, I store them in a 3" franklin covey storage binder. So this system is working out great for me.

So these are the three binders I am using. My retro one, my daily planner/journal, and my bible study, and etc. journal. I use and just love all three. 
As we all know it take a while of trying different ways of journalling and planner till we find what really works for us. This last yr has certainly been the case for me. But I am happy and content with what I have now.  
As I sit here at my computer it is snowing like crazy here in Idaho. Praying. Snow, then Ice is coming and then warn temps and flooding. May be power outage! Pray for all of us here. Thank you!
May you all be safe this winter! Gods blessings!


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