Happy Planner wk 3

I finished this weeks pages. It has kept me motivated, it helps remind me of things I need to do and and keeps me creative. This week I added a place at the bottom for exercise. it is not my favorite thing to do but a must. I am reading along with Good Morning girls or Women living Well in Numbers. We have seen that God is a God of order, that he should be the center of our life and in control of all that we do. That when he says move or do something we should do it without complaining. No complaining, period! 
Then going through 1Timothy with Ray Stedman. I get his emails and listen to his commentaries or just read them.
Planning ahead---Except for the to do list I just take each day as it come. I don't really lay out things in the planner ahead of time. Just one thing might spark and idea as to the theme of things and I just go from there. Like the two colors of pens I used here and the gold tape.
 I hope you all have a blessed week ahead of you.

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