Happy Planner cover

I put a new HP cover on my planner and as you can see these are  my collection of pens and pencils I use on my work table. I just got the art bin on the bottom. It has dividers in it so I can separate the different pens I use. It is so useful!

and as you see I finished up this 2cd week in the planner.

This week I am going gold. I cut thin strips of gold washi tape for dividers. The tape on the bottom is gold too but looks black in the picture. Having fun with it all anyway. Finally November is here and it won't be long till thanksgiving, my favorite time to get together with family. We have so much to be thankful for this yr. God is good!!! Even though we have been through some trying times, He is there always to help us through it all. 

Past art journal page.

May God bless and give you Peace, joy, and comfort this week! 

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