Happy planner wk 4

 This is wk 4. I decided to try going horizontal this week to see how I like it. It give me more room to be artistic. If I go vertically I have to write so small and really no room to for verses but it is great to have the option in this planner. I didn't use any stickers this wk. I have been going through Numbers with Good Morning Girls, at Women living Well and learning new lessons AGAIN! 
Nothing great here but I do enjoy it. When I shared it in a few other places I was so blessed that other ladies were going to use these ideas for their own bible studies and planners.

This was fun. Just replace the tea bag label with some cut out butterflies, cut a slit in the middle so it will set on your cup.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving this yr as one of our son's has just moved here and starting his own business. We will all gather at our daughters house. Nothing like family!!!
May God Bless your week.

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