July Journaling A New Approach.

I am trying a new setup in my journal. I make my own booklets and cut the paper 9 x 8 and fold in half and use a corner punch. I cut 20 sheet and staple the booklet and do that again so I have 2 booklets and put them together with a clear rubber band. That way I don,t have to trim the right side edges that would otherwise stick out 1/2 " if I put it all together in one booklet.

Here they are joined together

I add it to my journal and use the back of the cover to tape my weekly menu card on.

 I have 40 2pg spreads so that gives me some extra pages. The first couple of pages I use for monthly goals and list. personal goals, and a list of daily things to do and etc. 


a look at a spread. I am now doing a bullet list, what I eat daily, water intake, devotional notes. and getting in some art work, and a half a sheet for just journaling.    

Preparing pages ahead.

Using my cheat sheets that I made up for borders, etc. So I can have ideas close at hand. 

These are my basic supplies I use.  So I am liking having my day on 2 pages and less booklets. I still have a monthly calendar, notes  and a folder. I am not using any stickers and drawing more. By planning ahead a little bit this is working out quit well. I will see by the end of July.
I hope you are writing about your days. It is your story and your history.       
Hope you all have a wounder creative and blessed week.

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Tara D said...

I just love your journals! I still have not made one for myself yet because I am using up some store bought notebooks but I cannot wait to make one of these! I love writing on graph paper so I will probably make some little booklets using the graph paper. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful journals. You have been giving me so many great ideas! Very inspiring! :)

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