DIY Fauxdori

This is a dori I made a while back. I filled it with colored papers and some different ones.
I may give it to one of the Grandkids. Not sure yet. It is a smaller one.
This is my first post on my ipad using the new app called Blogsy. Still learning it! So we will see how this works.
Have a blessed day! Sharon

Psalms 124:8 8 Our help is from The Lord who made heaven and earth.

124:7-8 Do you ever feel trapped by overwhelming odds? With God, there is always a way out because he is the Creator of all that exists. No problem is beyond his ability to solve; no circumstance is too difficult for him. We can turn to the Creator for help in our time of need, for he is on our side. God will provide a way out; we need only trust him and look for it.

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