Jounaling in August

 Starting a new notebook for the month of August. And a new study in Nehemiah with Ray Stedman.
I love new starts don't you? On my cover page I miss spelled August for some reason. Bummer! Senior moment I guess.  I decided this mo that I am going to draw and doddle a lot more as I have time. I am going to try not to use any stickers again. I have lots of resource's so no excuses not to take a little more time and use the talent God has given me. It will help me to think more, be more artistic and creative.
 We have been so busy this summer. Lots of family fun times, so we will see how it goes.I am  always working on using my time more wisely. It is so easy for me to fall in to satans trap and get lackadaisical. Yip that is a word!       

This is a pocket letter that I sent to my Pen Pal. This is the front. So fun to make! 
This is the back with some goodies.
These are the Magnets I made for my planner/ journal.
I experimented with stiffened fabric, Laminated paper, and folders, I like the folders the best because they are heavy paper and glossy on one side. 
May your day be filled with thankfulness and creativity!


Sharon Chapman said...

Always love looking at your journals.

Tara D said...

It made me giggle that you mispelled August! I am so glad I am not the only person that does things like that! I have been working through the Bible, doodling each chapter and I seriously cannot tell you how many times I get a page nearly done and realize I have mispelled the title of the book or something lol :) I have become quite good at cutting out a piece of paper and gluing it over the title and writing it again lol :) Your journals are just beautiful!

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