How I set up my Fauxdori.

I just thought I would share what I have in my new Fabric Dori. I have 5 notebooks and a 6 pocket folder and a card holder and plastic pocket.   
 First is a card holder that is attached to a plastic pocket and some small color pencils and note pad.

1st book is a 12 mo. calendar I printed out.
 The 2cd notebook is my bullet journal. It makes planning and to do listing so easy.
 This is just a laminated paper I made that has my weekly, monthly, and daily chores on it. I just use a dry marker to mark off chores as I do them, and wipe it off at the end of the month. It is tucked in the middle of the bullet journal.   

 Notebook 3 is my daily Journal. I journal about my day, what is going on with family, prayers. sometimes drawings, pictures,& cutouts. I don;t use printouts because for me it is to restictive. Every day is different so every page is different. I like the freedom to be creative on a page. As I have posted before I also like to add color to my pages first. So I make this notebook with plain white 28 lb paper.      
 My notebook covers are laminated colored paper I got from Walmart.
 The 4th notebook is all colored paper I use for notes, Ideas, Expences,and misc.
I think I will change the pink cover for a yellow one as it will go with my red better.  
Last is my 6 pocket folder I made. Mostly for small stencils, cutouts and stickers. 
  This is the folder folded over and the pockets on the Dori with a writing board, watercolor pallet, note pad and stickers .  And that is it!
I hope this will help give others some ideas they can use for their Journals. We all have different need and uses for our Journals. I have learned so much from others. So I thank all who have shared. It has taken me months to figure out what works best for me so keep at it.
Here are a few Youtube videos that I have gotten some ideas from that I liked. Of course there are many more also.

 Hope you have a blessed creative day and God bless. 


Anonymous said...

Sharon thanks for sharing. Your dori is an inspiration. I am constantly looking for a system that will work for me. I love what you have created. I would love to see a tutorial to learn how you make the individual notebooks. I can never find exactly what I am looking for pre-made and would love to create my own.

Sharon said...

Thank you Beth. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to make your own inserts. They are very easy. You just measure your paper the size you want it, cut it fold it and that is all. If you cut 10 papers that will give you 40 pages in a notebook. You can staple in the middle, but I. Don't. The elastic holds them in just fine.

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