Documented Faith Journal

I make another Journal for the upcoming "Documented Faith" .
She suggest using a Moleskin planner or use what ever you like. Well I didn't want to do a tip in as you do with the moleskin. so I filled my journal with 140 lb mixed media paper. I made my covers using Martha Stewart craft paper. I put a clear cover over it that I made out of a report cover by cutting it down. The size is half sheet or A5 Size.  I messed up my lable but nothing I do is ever perfect. It is God keeping my humble I am sure. 
 I like the Staples Arc system with the discs because it lays flat and I can fold it back on itself. I can easily remove pages and add to it. I will be adding scripture cards to it later. 
So my 1 1/2" discs are lg because I am going to be adding a lot more pages. Wish they had more color choices so had to go with the blue, but that is OK. I like that I can get different size discs for less that $4.00 and make any thing I like or need with any type of paper.
This is the back in green.

So this is my added weekly page. I will make notes on the back. On the left I added a pouch to store my cards in and a yearly calendar. So I am excited (can you tell now that my journal is ready to go) to be joining other Christian Artist in this project this next yr. Hope you will join us too! 
Have a blessed week!

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