Art Room & Bible page

This is my small art, craft and sewing room. I have been working on it reorganizing it for several days .I am afraid I have accumulated more stuff from last yrs pictures so had to rethink on how to store things with out it looking cluttered.I just love those plastic drawer combos. I line them with white paper for a cleaner look. Small spaces can get so messy so fast. But if everything has a place it makes it easy to clean it up again. We turned the closet into my sewing space several yrs ago. I have a large art closet just out of sight on the left. I will be working on getting it clean out next week. Any way it is just right for me and I enjoy this room very much.  

I did a bible Journal art page on Psalms 136 writing down the key thoughts of the chapter. I am afraid I was not to neat on my lettering on this one but it is what the word says that is important here. I love how it tells us some of the things God has done and that we are to give thanks to God for he is good and his love is eternal. It is a short chapter and will worth reading.
Have a blessed day.


Becky said...

Hello Sharon, I recently found your site here when checking out Bible Journaling on Pinterest. I have been exploring your art journals and love your gentle colors and sweet designs. This led me to explore the topic of art journaling and I just got a copy of "No Excuses Art Journaling" to take the plunge. My goal is to just do more doodling and learn to watercolor in small daily doses. I am crafty but have left off drawing and painting in recent years. Its time I start again. I also want to do more creative hand lettering. From your site I also learned about Bullet Journaling, and really like how that is working out for me! (In a little 4x5" book I made myself) But the reason for me commenting on this post is because I have that very same drawing of Jesus and the lamb framed on my wall. I love it. I love the contented look of the lamb so restful on his Shepherd's shoulder. Thank you for your encouragement. I'll be visiting often!

Sharon said...

Thank you Becky for you sweet comments. I love that picture Too! Thank you for visiting and God bless!

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