DIY Scripture Cards

I am working on some scripture cards for a retreat, friends and to put in my journal.
These are fun to make for memory cards too.
I just printed these verses out,  but I am planning on making some of my own.
These are free to print at The blogging pastors wife blogspot.
just click on printables.
Have fun creating!

1 comment:

debi said...

It's so vital to memorize scripture ... I'm finding just how much, more and more every day! How are you my friend? It's been so long! I've not been doing much on the computer these days with family issues and illnesses going on, but I'm hoping to make my way back soon! I think of you often and so glad you're still blogging. I've been looking through you posts and I really love your 'craftiness' around here! What a gift you have, and your scripture cards will definitely be a blessing for your retreat and your friends. I'll also check out the link you shared here for those free printables.

I do hope all is going well for you and yours, Sharon ... I've thought of you often. I was wondering if you had a Facebook page ... I do but it's just for those that I met on Xanga and became friends with over the years. Would love for you to join us if you do, otherwise, we'll stay in touch here. :) Bless you, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend! - Debi <><

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