Planner/Journal pages

It has been such a busy summer so have't been blogging or doing any art except in my journal.  so here are just a few pic's of some of my pages.
I am still trying new things. I never plan out my pages sence they are just daily journaling so what ever comes to me at the moment is what I put on the page. I don't use print outs or structured pages because for me it is just to boring. same-o same-o. I never stick with it in those kinds of planners. So this is what works for me. I like the freedom of a blank page to do what ever I like. I am consistant though in using colored pens and pencils, putting the date and weather at the top.
Fall and winter will be here soon enough and things will slow down quit a bit and more time for art and such. Right now this is all I have time for in my spare time. I really am enjoying it though. 

Have a creative week!

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