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Update-12-10-16  I am no longer using this black binder. It is to large. Nor the painted one either. I have had no luck with painting a binder. have tried it on two so for.     
This is todays planner page I designed for my journal. I am making copy's of these in the B & W stage so I can reuse them later. The colors, scripture and drawing will be different. I hope that works because they do take time to design them.

I printed out the 2017 calendar at @scatteredsquirrel. Love the colors and simplicity of them. So pretty!

Here are a few more pages I did. I Painted this old planner but that is not going to work. It will if I put a fabric cover on it and I may do that later. Meanwhile..

I am back in my Franklin Covey binder for now. It holds more with the 1 1/2 ring size, and now that I don't have to open it all the time because I put slits in the paper as seen below, it is working better. This binder was new when I got it last yr and was less than $2.00 at a thrift store. I felt so blessed! I did add the bling to the front of it as it was to plain for me.

I am keeping this short today. 
Have a blessed day.

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