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 I have been studying Proverbs 1 & 2 this week( about wisdom) using gel highlighters from Walmart, And different colored pens.  check post below about Jordan Lee's suggestions. Since I love color it really does help me to remember things better and is more interesting when I study. This is in my HCSB notetakers bible.

 This is in my old Inductive study bible. I was experimenting with watercolors on the right and pastels and colored pencils on the left with pinks one of my favorite colors. My study here is in Psalms 148 - 150 about worship and praising the lord. 
I am a little under the weather today so using the time being down to post here.
May God bless your time in the word this week!

The Purpose of Proverbs

These are the proverbs of Solomon, David’s son, king of Israel.
Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline,
    to help them understand the insights of the wise.
Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives,
    to help them do what is right, just, and fair.
These proverbs will give insight to the simple,
    knowledge and discernment to the young.

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Rushd Lady said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. There are so many different ways to study the Bible creatively and I'm learning by looking at everyone's faith-books. I was intrigued by your tiny scripture doodles. I'm following Stephanie Ackerman's Documented Faith but doing my own thing too. This is my second year and had to figure out what I was doing, because most people are in her Facebook group so they are sharing and I went blind (I refuse to go back to Facebook, bad experience), so necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. grin! Have a good week!

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