WK 8 DF-coloring book- journal

This is last weeks Documented Faith pages, still the theme is loving others. I drew out the boxes on the left and then watercolored them. I used yellow chalk around the edges and whipping it off to give it a faint color. then on the right is the lesson print out that I drew on and did some doodles. I glued it on some yellow paper to make it the right size for the journal.

This is a a coloring page I did in the coloring book Joy For The Journey. Such a nice book. 

This is last week in my journal.  I also use chalk and rub it into the paper to give just a hint of color.
Last Saturday we celebrated our 56th Wedding Anniversary. My how time fly's!!! 
This is wk-7 in my gratitude52 art journal. The prompt was Music! I used watercolors for the background on wet paper. I put it on my autoharp for the picture as it was fitting. I don't play it much anymore as the keys are hard to push down for me now. But I do love it and music too!
May God Bless you this week with His grace, peace and Joy!!

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