Documented Faith- week 4

 Wk 4 in my group Art Journal. I am showing DF study on the right that I did. I took the print out for the week and did the borders, doodles, highlighting on it. On the back, below, I looked up three different versions of the scripture and some notes. I put them in Notability app and then printed them out with some more doodling around the edges. I was happier with the left side this week as I am starting to get a little neater in my writing, or should I say in printing which is hard for me.  

In the HP I wrote out more songs from church that I really like. The first one is Good Morning Lord by clay Cross and is my favorite song and a wonderful prayer. 

This is another print out from Stephanie Ackerman, DF, that was part of lesson three. This is another very nice prayer. I added to it a bit and colored it. I am just really enjoying this a lot. 
I hope you will join in too! 
May God bless your day!

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