DIY Notebook Covers

It is time to make some fall notebook covers so I thought I would share what I was doing. So I took a paper bag that I already had and cut 2 pieces just a little bit bigger than my notebook and glued them together with some matt medium. you can use any type of glue you prefer. After that dried I just brushed on some white (no water) acrylic paint, to give it a weathered look. Than painted a little scene on it. I like it a lot and will make more of these. 

I have some old calendars that I liked so I cut the pictures to fit the notebook. Love these Pictures! Calendar paper is nice and heavy so they make good covers. You don't really need a cover for your notebooks but I like them for separation and added interest and color. 
Our trees are just starting to turn here in the northwest. our nights are in the 40's and 50's now. It is the beginning of fall here already.

May God Bless Your Day! 

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