DIY flat pen

I have been learning the new bullet journal system by Ryder Carroll.  I wanted to learn it to help me remember all the things I have to do, need to do and want to do. I forget so many things or I write them down and forget where I wrote them or they get lost. I Pray this is the answer for me. It is looking like it will help a lot.  So I made myself a 60 page graft paper booklet to start with for my Dori.
I have been wanting a flat pen that won't take up space in my Dori. After much searching I decided I didn't want to pay the price for one so thought I would try my hand at making one, and VOILA, I like it! Here is what I did....... 
I first took apart a ink joy pen and used just the ink cartridge. Cut some craft foam and glued the pen part in between the foam and clipped ( binder clips) it together till it dried. Then trimmed it down.  Thin, Light and easy to find since it is always on my page. If I have my colored pens close by I do use them. but not always.   I also made the yellow clip in the above picture. it is like an Oli magnetic paper clip that I really like, but again I did not want to pay that much and shipping for such a simple thing. So made one & laminated it to make it strong because the magnets are strong. They will hold several pages together. like about 15. 
 Well There are so many creative people out there that come up with really good ideas to make things easier. And I am one that is ready for that.
Well, time to go work on my list.
Have a great creative day.
God is our source of creativity the Master Creator.
And we have His Creative Spirit living in each one of us that know Him.
Bless the Lord Oh my soul!

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