Bible art Journaling


Been doing some art bible journaling. Don't worry I have not gone off the deep end. I have had this bible for 20 yrs and never use it. it is one of those that is about 5 lbs and sits on the shelf. I was going to give it to the thrift store and discovered a fun way to  do art in it using my favorite scriptures and discovering new ones as I read the whole chapter first. The neat thing is it has wide margins. You can buy wide margin journaling bibles, I joined  the Bible Journing Community on facebook that Shanna Noel started. Where lots of ladies share the same interest and study the word artfully.
I have not forsaken my personal bible for this one. I have a lot of notes and markings in that one.
 It is this old one I am having fun with and helps me remember these verses and where they are. 
I have a Pinterest board on Bible Journaling If you care to see others.
Trying to get ready for a trip soon.
Have a blessed weekend.

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