Art journal- Home

Art journal pages on the home. Just a little wimsical village with fun houses.
Then I wrote some quotes about home.
"The attitude in your heart will determine the atmosphere in your home"

"Not every home can be House Beautiful, but every home can be filled with the spirit of loveliness and the spirit of warmth, love and caring."

“So far as this world knows or can vision, there is no attainment more desirable than the happy and contented home."

“The home is a most marvelous and benevolent appointment of God, and is designed, among other ends, to unite, strengthen, and sanctify the different relations of life, and thus secure and promote the mutual happiness and well being of each and all.” O Winslow

“If only we can make Christ an abiding guest in our home, and if we can keep ourselves aware of His being with us, our household life cannot help but grow wondrously sweet!” R.C.Miller"

Be he king or a peasant,He is happiest who finds peace at home.
Blessings to you.

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