Art travel kit Bag

 I got this make up travel bag for $4.00 at the thrift store, It was brand new. It is 8 x 11 and has lots of pockets. I thought it would be perfect for taking on a trip. Vacation time is coming up. It holds every thing I wanted to take along. 
What is in my art bag?
         Art Supply list

* 2  Sketch watercolor tablets
* 10--6 x 9  Bristol smooth 100lb paper
* Cut foam board 91/2 x12 and bull clip to hold paper
(  I use these all the time when I draw because they are
 so light weight and just the right size for me.)
* Some scratch paper 
* Sm piece of wax paper & white crayon for resist 
* Koi Watercolors 
* Pens and Pencils & eraser
* brushes, scissors, ruler, toothbrush for splattering.
* Sm bottle of water & a spray bottle.
* Kleenex, & a few sheets of Paper towels 
*  A few Business cards
I am one of those people that like to draw more on loose paper rather that in a book. That way I can make copies of a drawing for other uses. It is just me. When just drawing with pen only I feel a lot more comfortable with a loose sheet of paper. If I make some bad mistakes I can just turn it over or toss it. 
I love these small art kits. They make me downsize and think about what I really need to put in it.
of course all I really need is paper, pencil, pen, watercolor and water. But that is another sm kit I have.  I also like to see what I can make out of things that were ment for something else. It is a challenge and gives you lots of inexpencive options.
PS- It took me 5 tries to post this. So it is still not working quite right. But I did it!  
I hope you have a blessed creative weekend.


Sonja Häusl-Vad said...

You are really lucky, such a great bag! I have one travel bag from Derwent, and I like it, but it is sometimes too big. I wish to have a bag with so many small pockets. I was thinking about sewing a bag on my own. I need to look on pinterest for some tutorial :-) Have a nice summer! S.

Leo said...

This looks awesome. Does it have a brand? I'd like to find one for myself. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Leo, sorry no brand on it. It is several yrs old any way.

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