New Art Bag

After a trip to the Mountains last week I  realize I needed a good art bag. Not only for my stuff but room for extras for the Grand kids. They love art too! 
So we were in Home Depot today and I saw this tool bag and thought it would fit my needs nicely. It has lots of pockets inside and out. It is a great size 14"L-6"W- 11"H for $19.97. 
( I added a old name tag I had over the top of Husky. I am sure I will be adding a patch over the wolf also.)

It stays open and closes with a double zipper.
This is the inside. I carefully took out some of the stitching to make a larger pocket for my KOI paint set. It also has elastic to hold more stuff, and it is all waterproof.
This is all of just my stuff I have in it, but I have plenty of room for more for the grands.
I am loving the paper size I am using now. It is 11"x 7 1/2"  140 LB. It is a sheet of larger paper cut in half. I have about 6 sheet clipped to some foam board for my bag.   In the small watercolor tablet I have some sketch paper and pictures in it with a clip.   
It even has a place for your business cards or a name card. Yeah!
It feels like a Dr's bag but a lot more fun! So I am ready to go to the cabin, a trip, or the park or off to baby sit. 
Have a blessed week.
“Creativity involves a leap of faith and confidence – faith in the creative process: ultimately art is a journey not directed by product but by the passage of thought, vision, intensive observation, time, and commitment.” ~ Albert Pinkham Ryder, American Painter (1847–1917)
“Dreaming about a thing in order to do it properly is right; but dreaming about it when we should be doing it is wrong.” ~ Oswald Chambers


Sharon said...

I shall be looking for this bag as I am always running around collecting stuff at the last minute. This would be great to just have ready.

Alice said...

pretty cool find, sharon! my daughter and i used to buy our scrapbooking storage items in the fishing tackle box row. i remember the first time we were in a Bass Pro - when we stumbled onto that row we were like "scrapbook boxes!!!" and all the men in that section started laughing. it was the first time we realized you could use tackle boxes to store eyelets and brads and paints and pens and markers. you have a really good find here - enjoy it :)

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