New Watercolor Pencils

Look at what my dear hubby bought me for my Birthday! I did get to chose them, so I did my research as there are several brands to choose from.
And I decided on these. The set is not to small and not to large.
and they are just what I was looking for in a watercolor pencil. Very creamy and excellent colors.
I choose to get mine from Amazon as they had the best price for this set.
Love the fact that that this company has been in the business since 1761 and make quality art stuff. 
Here is a good description on how to use them on Colored Pencil Studio.

Here is a video on them. I just love them and it is true when water hits the colors they flow.
a little goes a long way.
I have been so busy lately so I hope to get to do some art with these real soon.

I also just discovered that we have a fabulous art store just 1 mile from me. It is called Quality Art. It is huge a warehouse of art and some craft things. And very reasonable as everything is 40% off! Wow
 You can shop there online too!!! 
I Can't believe I didn't know about this store for the 3 yrs we have been here. So now I know. But they did not have this set in their store.
Have a blessed weekend!

Psalms 119:1-7  
Blessed are those whose way is blameless,
who walk in the law of the Lord!
 Blessed are those who keep his testimonies,
who seek him with their whole heart,
 who also do no wrong,
but walk in his ways!
 You have commanded your precepts
to be kept diligently.
 Oh that my ways may be steadfast
in keeping your statutes!
   Then I shall not be put to shame,
having my eyes fixed on all your commandments.
 I will praise you with an upright heart,
when I learn your righteous rules.


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful! That watercolor pencil set looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what you create next!! I will check out your links to videos, too, as I have so much to learn... K

Alice said...

good choice of pencils, sharon. you are going to love them - what an excellent birthday present :) - and good choice of scripture for today!

Sonja Häusl-Vad said...

hi Sharon, i have found your blog today and i like it very much! have a nice day and thank you for sharing your art.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Sharon! What a beautiful blog you have! I love Psalm 119 too. Thanks so much for subscribing to my newsletter! :))

Pamela said...

My mother's favorite brand. She's an artist and has tried many brands. I love the tin, too. Sounds like it was a happy birthday. I hope this is a joyful year.

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