Ceramic Tiles and Inktense

I have been playing with my new  Derwent Inktense blocks.  This is a good video on how too use them. Most of the colors are bright. 
What I really love are my 75 cents  white ceramic tiles I got at Home Depot.( I had to ask for them as they where in discontinued section.) Nothing, not even the Inks will stain them. So they are great for mixing any kind of paint on. 
I got the idea from Fiona Peart's videos. I really like her videos! 
I am putting the Inktense right on the tile with a little water.

Super great for mixing.
 And with a baby wipe or paper towel, it wipes right off with out a stain.
Enjoy an Art filled day!
“Remember that as a creative person, the important thing is to create. Who sees what you make, where it goes and what it does is a secondary consideration; the first is to exercise the talent God has given you.” ~ Franky Schaeffer


Sharon said...

What a great idea. Thank you. I was unaware that Inktense came in blocks. Now how did I miss that....LOL. I am glad to know as for larger areas that will be great. So thanks again!!!

Robin said...

oooowy what a great idea..I want to get some of these...your flowers above are gorgeous...I have veggies this year no flowers..I miss flowers...I love your coloring page too..!

Alice said...

i have the derwent intense pencils and love those! these blocks give you some awesome color, don't they? what beautiful flowers!

and i just noticed you have my blog in your sidebar blogroll - thank you for doing that! i appreciate it so much :)

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