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This is my first try at using chalk on a journal page and I love it! It is easy to do and I really like the soft effects you can get. I got the idea from Judith Cassel-Mamet blog and her video. She has lots of journeying tips and ideas. My chalks are not the dust free type, I have had them for yrs,  but I think they work just fine. I just gently wipe them off. I can always spray the page with a fixative for chalk drawings.
Anyway this page is just some thoughts about the Lord and His love for us that I wrote down and than printed out. You can see that chalk works good on any type of paper. I used watercolor paper and photo paper here. Give it a try!
I give you every Spiritual Blessing and my Spirit.
I love to bless you and talk with you. I love your
grateful heart, and how you want to please me. I am
yours and you are mine. I am with you every step of the
way today in everything you do and say. I will never
leave you so do not fear or worry, give them to me.
Let us bless others today together.
I love you so much my child.

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Coleen said...

Hi Sharon, stopping by to say hi. You are following on my mission blog. I may have said it before, but I really like your header.

And so nice that you are making a testimony with your art journal. It will be a legacy for your children.

Lord bless your week,'

Coleen in Spain (at the moment)

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