Home made art cubbie and a clean Art table

 I just wanted to share my new art cubbie I made today. This cubbie replaced 10 jars and cans I had on my table and not much room. I make it out of foam core board and a glue gun. I was inspired by this youtube.  It didn't cost me anything because I already had scraps of foam board. I just figured out what I had that needed a shelf and made it accordingly. I have drawing pencils, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, colored pens, water based markers, small paint brushes, medium paint brushes. larger ones, mics ones, and art tools on top.
Karenika has a video on what to do to get inspired to do your art. One is to have all your art supplies out so you can see them and then you will use them. So true!
 My art space is small but adequate. But for me it has to be orderly as this room is also a quest room with a trundle bed for guest. 
So this is my art table all cleaned up. What can I say art gets messy but I do try to keep it neat.

I googled  up storage for craft paints and saw this idea and just happened to have a box to make all my craft paints so I can see them better. It is the same depth as my paint bottles. I think I may make one using the foam board for a little more strength.

This is the bed on the other side of the room.

Then the closet in that room I make it into my sewing area about a yr and a half ago. The room like I said is small only 10' by 10'  and I need more storage.

Have a blessed day !
Next morning! A change already. I decided my paints would be better placed on my art table in front of me. so that is what I did. The sun does not come in this window so I can put my ink spays on top of the box.  I use a cut up old table cloth on my table to help absorb those spays and splatters because they are permanent and then change it when it gets bad. Much better!
I still have a little room to make another cubbie so I will do that next week or so.

Two days later. I made the other cubbie that I put next to the other one on the left. And now I have a little more room for even my stamp pads and a few of my stamps on top. Now I feel a lot more organized!!

Have a blessed Artful Day! 


Charmingdesigns said...

what a delightful post! Love the list! You've inspired me to organize!!

Row. said...

Such a lovely Space. I am now on the hunt for a box the size of my paints. Is your art table a folding table? did you make the table cloth with elastic corners? it is so pretty.

Sharon said...

Row, yes it is A folding table. I took a plastic table cloth and cover it just using duct tape.
My brushes and pens are now in a set of those plastic drawers.
And thank you!

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