Art Journal- page 5

This is page 5 of my art journal. The words are the same ones that are in my header that I just printed out and pasted on. I love this quote!
Every time we hesitate to begin for fear of failing or seeming frivolous, we must fill that moment of hesitation with prayer. Then we must follow that prayer with action, with doing something, anything that will get us moving forward in the practice of our art.Janice Elsheimer
I tried something different and used a watercolor marker around the edge of the paper and then sprayed water on it. I think it looks like rust which is what I wanted. I used some stencils over the watercolor picture. I just love old barns. 
Well I hope you are enjoying your art time as much as I am!

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Rebecca said...

Beautiful Journal, Sharon! I love your work my friend. Truly lovely! Thanks for visiting me today~


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