These watercolor paintings are some of my more recent work. This first one is called "Morning Coffee". You see as an artist you can put yourself anywere you want too. So this is Don and I having coffee at the barn and watching the sunrise after we just fed the horses and cows in a western setting. .Ahhh. Nice Dream anyway. I love old barns too. This one hangs in our bedroom.

This is a drawing I did from an art book that I liked. Just for fun!

This is a barn that is in Genoa NV. Close to where we use to live in Gardnerville. NV. It has been painted by many artist because of it's  beautiful setting. I did sell this painting, But before I sell a watercolor I make copies of it so that I can still have it. It is very hard to let go of a painting that you really like!

Quote--There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.--B. Fuller


Barbara Jean said...

Love your barns Sharon
I used to do seem too when i did oils.
I think i even painted the one you drew!

I tried to do a mosaic, but after i hit create, i don't know what happened to it.
I did it in biglots or huge lots or something like that
very easy till i lost it

see no help place or anything there


better email this long stuff

blessings =0)

barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

oh, big huge labs was what it was

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