This is a Mural I painted in the foyer in one of our Daughter homes in 02. They love the beach and the tropics so that is what they wanted. Even though they lived in WA. I painted their cat "Nakita" laying on a rug. My granddaughter Julia was visiting and helped me faux finish the brick wall around it. This picture is not a digital picture. It is just a photo. The sun was shinning in on the bottom of the photo from their leaded glass front door. Just a little bright!!

In the same house my Daughter dicided she wanted palm trees on a very boring wall in her bedroom. She just didn't want to hang a picture on the wall. This really gave it the wow factor when you walked it. I had this photo folded so that is what the line down the middle is. Sorry about that.

I was very nervous about painting Daughters mural so I asked my Granddaughter Christy if I could paint a smaller mural on her wall just for practice. She likes the beach too so this is what I painted on her bedroom wall. It gave me the confidence I needed to do a larger one.

 God's Blessings! Sharon

Quote--The world is but a canvas to the imagination.--Henry D. Thoreau

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