Art Supplies and study

 I finished week 4 in this bible study, all done. But Time Warp Wife will be starting a new 4 wk study on the 18th called the Virtuous Life. I am looking forward to it. 
We have been having great weather and time to get outside and do things. It has been also busy at our house the last few weeks so not a lot of time for art. 

 These are called "wood Pastel boxes", for storing your pencils and pens etc. There are 2 three drawer boxes here. This is the best storage solution for my supplies that I have  ever seen. I am so happy with them and it is so easy to find colors and pens now. They hardly take up an room in my sm art area. I got them from Amazon. Love love love them!!!
This is someone elses art studio using the boxes. Very nice!

This amazing set is a gift from my sweet hubby. So I have gotten another box just for them. I don't do a lot of art in the summer but a lot in the winter. so we will see how that goes this yr. But I can't wait to use these pencils and all the colors.
May God bless your week and your creative time with Him.


Sharon Chapman said...

I love your light house. You lucky girl with the new stroage chest. What a great idea. I like your journaling ideas very much.

Sharon said...

SHARON, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I see you on Pinterest a lot, we seem to have a lot in common.

shereen said...

Amazon has MUCH better prices for these than anyone else. Im looking for an 8 drawer one like in the photo- Is yours an 8 drawer or (2) 4 drawer ones
/ I dont see the top of the second one, looks like 8 drawers. Thanks so much!!!

Sharon said...

Shereen there are 2 boxes and each has 3 drawers. But now I have 4 boxes, the 3 drawer type. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour ou puis-je acheter ce meuble de rangement pour crayons svp merci ? Cordialement

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