Happy planner pgs and Bible Study notes

In last weeks planner pages, I did a Christmas carol theme. I love all the carols and music this time of yr. All the little cut outs are clip art I found on google and glued them in. One of the things I do is I put double stick tape on all the cut outs and put them where I think I want them, but I wind up moving them around a few times before I glue them down when I am done. I found I would always change my mind or want to replace something. Any way It works best for me.

This is a screen shot on my iPad of my bible study yesterday. I use the app Notability for this.  I really liked it. This is my favorite app as I have said before.
I copied the scriptures and pasted them on a stickies note you get when you hit the plus sign at the top. Now you can move it, shape it any way you like. hit the + sign again and add any photo you like and same thing, you can size it and move it. This just happen to be some of the icon clip art I saved for my planner and journals. I love that you can choose any font. And change the colors and same for the pencil and highlighters. So easy and once you get the hang of it goes pretty fast. It saves it all in the subject you choose to name it. So that is my little tutorial on that for those that are interested. 
May you all have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

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Hummie B said...

I love your digital bible journaling with your app! It really made me smile that you found your own way to create digitally. Your drawings in your daily planner are so bright and happy. You have talent for drawing.

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