Happy Planner pages

  This is last weeks pages in my Happy Planner. Some bibles study notes and some lists. I have been trying to lighten up now that fall is over and leaving more white space. It has been fun to work on this on these cold winter days we have been having.

 So these are two of my favorite things to write in. I am still keeping a journal, it is  just that I am keeping it personal right now. My pages are not as decorative sense I am using the HP for that.

I do love pastels so I use the gel sticks and a baby wipe with a little water to add color to these pages in my insert. I am also cutting the edges with decorator scissors. I am also doing that in my HP now also. I just love the frilly look it gives. I know these pages look crinkly but they will lay flat with a heavy book on them. With use they also will smooth out.
One more week in the book of Numbers with GMG. I have also been going through the book of Job with Ray Stedman each day. GMG will study that next but I will have finished before they start after Christmas. Wow, only a few weeks away! 
The Lord is good and worthy to be praised. OH how we need to thank him in the good seasons of life and the hard ones. He always knows what is best even when we don't understand. Trust Him always.
May the Lord bless your week and your creative time with Him.

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