DLP week 2 & art supplies

  This is my art work on DLP challenge for week 2.  It is actually a quote from Sara Young in Jesus Calling. I used some gel crayons by FC. They are just like Geletos but a lot cheaper, the kids set. Also some Gesso(the White circles) and Sharpie fine point pen,micron and colored pencils. This page is from my ARC 6 x 9 journal. I am going to try to work it it more.
  I did these calender pages in my arc art journal just to see how I liked this lay out and I do, but I think I will do this again only put it all on one page. I am getting were I like to do lettering more and more and this is a good place to practice.
I recently got some new art supplies and I love the Frixion Eraseable Colored Pen set. They are the answer to all the mistakes I make. Lots of fun colors to journal with. 

These are some I got for Christmas and also love the Inktence Pencils and the much needed Graphite Pencil set.  I am so thankful for all my Art Supplies.  
Have a blessed creative Week!


David Phillips said...

 I bought a set of 12 paint brushes from Chameleon Art Supplies on for my niece as her Christmas gift and she loves them!  I'd definitely recommend them to you guys because for $29.99 they are incredibly good value.  They send me awesome art tutorial videos over email now just for being a customer which I've never heard of before!  They're giving away premium paint brushes on promotion for just $1 at the moment, though I'd share with you all!  You can get yours here:

Sarah Anderson said...

Beautiful page and fab quote

David Phillips said...

Hi, these guys are giving away FREE 12 color acrylic paint sets in return for a little time on Pinterest. They are keen to know what things their customers are interested in. Here is their post on their Facebook page about it:

How would you like this 12-color acrylic paint set delivered to your door for FREE?!

All we ask for is 1 hour of your time to play around on Pinterest for us!

As you perfectly fit our "ideal customer" profile, we'd love to hear your thoughts on what kind of things you browse for and find interesting on Pinterest related to your interest in art and painting.
This will help us develop and share great content with our customers (past, present and future) to inspire their creativity and love of all things art and painting!

If you are interested in playing with us and claiming your 12 color acrylic paint set, send us an email to info(at) with the subject line "Hey! I'm in!" and I'll reply with more details!

WARNING!!! We only have 10 paint sets to give away for this program so be sure to reply now to claim your spot before they're gone forever!

I'm really excited to learn what you are loving on Pinterest and can't wait to hear from you!

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