Lesson 4 & 5,done.

This is a pic from my Ipad as my computer was not available today.
This is lesson 4 at HKC I chose this song of praise for the praise and worship lesson. Love this song.
And even though I did this page a while back before I started this class of 5 lessons I am using it for lesson 5 as this is the verse in that lesson that is about loving others. So I am done, and just in time as things are getting busy in our family.
For anyone reading this I would like to ask you to please pray for my sweet Son in Law Richard, who we just found out has colan cancer. He is doing the natural method for a cure. He will have another MRI in a few months to see where he is at. We are all very hopful! Thank you so much. 
I  hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I also love Jesus and His Word and I am an amateur watercolor artist. I tend to do nature themes but not portrait or animals.
I am wondering what you use that does not bleed through to the next page, or is your Bible just for art & painting, not your regular church Bible? What is a journaling Bible?

Sharon said...

Hi, a journaling bible has wide margins and yes I have a different one for church. I use Micron pens, steadler fine line pens and colored pencils. You can use watercolor as lone as you use very little water. Go to YouTube and look up journaling bibles. Lots to learn there.

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