Keeping a journal

I moved in to my new Franklin Covey all leather classic planner. I was so fortunate to find this like new planner for $1.50 and the Liz Claiborne make up bag for .75 that is perfect for all my pens and highlighter I use for my bible study journal also.(thrift store finds)    

 Good storage for stickers and extras.
 I make this see through page finder that is a little larger than my is slotted so it just pops out.
 It has been a busy month for a Grandma.

This is the back storage for a few stencils. Personally I simply do not like most printouts that help you to organize. I use half sheets of 28 lb paper and non bleed through pens. I never know exactly what my day is going to look like so I simply divide off my own pages as to what is going on and what I want to write and add doodles and stickers. I just do my own thing and what works for me. I do have "to do lists", expenses, meals and other tabs for organization. But it is also my daily journal. This has 2" rings and holds lots of pages.I love that.
David Jeremiah has said "that journaling has been one of the greatest things he ever did in his life. He said he found that if we do not examine our own lives, we cannot see where we have been so we cannot see where we're to go. And keeping a running record of your walk with God will do some incredible things for you personally.
He asks, what will keeping a journal do for you? How will it strengthen your christian walk?
1. A journal will help you to remember God's work in your life.
2. A journal will help you to retain your honesty.
3. It will help you to reflect upon your heart's impressions.
4. It will help you to register you progress
5. It will help you regain lost momentum.
6. It will help you to reject bad habits.
7. And will reinforce good habits.
8. It will help you reach your spiritual goals.
 He Say's, Keeping a journal faithfully and you will see how your spiritual goals were accomplished one day at a time every time you read and review your journal."  
It is good to look back to see how far you have come in a year. Goals that have been met and things you have learned or got better at.
Hope you give it a try if you are not journaling. all you need is a notebook and pen.  
God's blessings! 


April Babin said...

Where do you find small stencils like you have in the back?

Sharon said...

At most craft stores!

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