Everyday Art Sketchbag and why I like it.


I know another art bag you say. This is the one I use all the time. The cup is just a reference to the size of it.. 
It is the Riggers bag from Harbor Freight tools.
 And it was only $8.95.
 It is 15" long, 81/2 " high, 7"wide with 24 pockets. 
Brenda Swenson   recommends this one also.
 I took some of the stitching out with an Exacto knife to make a few pockets bigger as she suggested.
I sprayed it with Scotch Gard to keep it a little cleaner.
It has so much room for everything I like to use on a regular bases.
I love that it sits flat and upright on its own and is 7" wide.
It goes with me where ever I want to sit and draw or paint.( I don't sit at my art table very often)
I like it because everything is easy to reach for and easy to put back. ( no zippers to mess with and no having to search for things).
I have a label maker, so I used clear tape and labeled all my pockets.--
It makes it easier for me to make sure it gets put back were it belongs.
 Silly I know, but the label maker was staring at me and I like to be organized. 
I put tissue paper in  the bottom of some of the pockets that were too deep. 
I still have lots of extra room if I need it.
You can put gromets on it so you can attach a shoulder strap if you wanted to, as Brenda suggested. 
When I come up with something, I may do some decorative painting on it. It is a blank canvas! 
 For me it is the perfect art bag and I love it!!
I thought about this bag for a yr before I bought it because I was not sure it was the one I would like best.
So  maybe think about it before you decide that you would really use it. I don't want to influence anyone if you don't really need it.  But you can always use it for a tool bag that it was make for. I would think it would be useful for a writer, scrapbooking, art class, sewing, gardening, house cleaning tools, medical stuff, cosmetic bag, just about any thing you can think of.

Our talents are a gift of God and we are to use them with a thankful heart for any ability to do good.
Have a happy creative day!    


SusanA said...

Hi, Sharon! I love this canvas bag. I, too, bought one after seeing Brenda Swenson blog about hers. I like seeing how others use theirs.
I'm still enjoying all your sketches. They're beautiful!

Altered Queen said...

I stumbled on your blog tonight, and sitting her chuckling to myself! I've been searching for the perfect back for a travel sketch trip I'm going on with a group. (Keeping in my I already own probably 8 or 10 different bags already, but aren't exactly "right"). It really does help to know there are others in the world like us! haha.... I looked at this particular HFTs bag and it's not right for my trip, but I may buy it for around the house because I LUV it! Thanks for your post!!

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