Art Journal Page 2

I finished this journal page from this one down below.
 I needed it to be not so busy so I can read the words that are important to me.  This is a chapter from Jesus Calling book that I could read everyday. So meaningful to me.  It is about being pleasing to the Lord.
 By art journaling it seems to make it  more important and it sticks with me better as I have to work it and think about more.  
I used colored Sharpie's and watercolors and spray inks for the background.
I love Diane's tips here, and also on the use of freezer paper that I now love using in my art room.
Also  Diana Trout's Idea on using spices to paint with.

And this is my new ceramic white plate I am using for mixing my paint and for washes..
I got it at  Cost Plus, World Market for only $6.00.  It works the same as the tiles only better because  it has sides. This one is 6 x 11, but they come in different sizes. Just thinking outside the box!
 Have a blessed day with the Lord!  

1 comment:

Mary said...

Beautiful page. There something about journaling on a page with color that helps us remember it better. And it's just more satisfying to keep a record of our journey on something visually appealing I think.

Grace and peace

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