Pattern with color


Oh my, life does get a little busy this time of yr. With church and bible study, and now starting to make some Christmas gifts. Time with friends, family and Grandchildren, and all the household stuff that needs to be done. Places to go and a vacation comimg up. My art time is suffering. Let alone trying to blog at times. I am trying to keep my priorites in check so blogging gets put back on the list. So sorry. Just not enought time to do all that I would like.
 I did this painting of patterns a few weeks ago and I just love the colors.
God's blessing to you!
May God always be first in my life, and with me in everything I do!
Praise God for His Spirit that leads and guides us all. We need only to ask Him!



bois-fleurie said...

I love your painting,its one you have to explore.

SANTIAGO said...

Beautiful painting!

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