How to be Inspired to do Your Art

How to be Inspired to Do your Art

1. SIT DOWN AT YOUR ART TABLE. 10 Min at least EVERYDAY! Don’t wait for ideas to come to you before you sit down.

2. Have ART SUPPLIES OUT! If you see them you will use them. Out of site out of mind.
3.PRAY! Ask for the Holy Spirit’s leading.
Thank Him, give Him your Hands to use and Listen.
4. START! DO Something! Use a picture, book, lettering, stamps, stencils, and Scriptures to help you Create.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice! Focus on getting better and more creative and you will!
6. Try new things! Learn new things.

7. God gives the ability and talent! Use what he has given you and let Him use it when and how He so chooses.
Enjoy yourself and have Fun!!

1 comment:

Coleen said...

Good instructions for anyone who wants to get their mojo of creativity going. Aren't we glad that God has blessed us with the joy of His creativity.
Blessings, Coleen

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