Page 17- Art Journal

Sometimes the words come first and sometimes the art work comes first.
 On this page the art came first and then the words. I like all the colors, they do speak of happiness to me.
It is such a joy to be able to trust in our Lord in all things.
Worry about nothing, Pray about everything and trust Him to work it out. 
This verse is found in Psams 40:4a It says blessed but that does mean happy. 

This is my new Cup I got it from I just love it!! 
The artist is Lori Siebert and you can find her other art work Here and some Here.   And other places on google.
It is a ceramic cup and is double walled so it is not hot to hold.
It is 12 ounces. Has a cellicone lid. They make lots of different kinds of these types of cups. 
Have a blessed weekend!

1 comment:

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Beautiful page with a wonderful message I need today, thank you. I like that cup, too!

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