Page 7 of my art Journal

Another Page in my Inspiration art journal. Just a water color and pin and ink..
The fall trees that stand out in the green forest are so beautiful this time of yr. God is amazing at putting color in just the right places. All for us to enjoy and say what an awesome God and Creator we serve.

I do Love this verse in Phil 4:5-9 that says, "My children think about these things, whatever is true, honorable, right , pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and worthy of praise. Let your mind dwell on these things... and my peace will be with you.

This is such a good reminder as to where my mind should be in these trying time in the world today.
So many things that are trying to get our attention off these things and worry about what the world is saying to us. With the promise of peace in my heart and mind, I think I shall do it Gods way and not let all the clutter and distraction of the World be on my mind today.   Awe, PEACE! Wonderful Peace. Bless the Lord for He is good All the time! 

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Dianne said...

Hi Sharon, I want to thank you so much for coming to visit my blog and becoming a follower. I look forward to getting to know you a lot better.

Also, let me just apologize--I did some computer work for a friend (designing her blog) and of course signed in with her email and password--now, even though I am signed in under my own username and password, every time I try to join a site, my picture and name come up as hers--so until I get this resolved, I cannot follow you back--so sorry.

Your journal entry here is just beautiful and I look forward to being inspired by your work on a regular basis.

Yes, it is wonderful when we find a true sister in the Lord.

Be blessed,

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