Birch trees

I have finally finished this painting for our daughter. The colors will match the room it is going in. I used oils on the first stage of this painting so I would have plenty of time to work in the colors I wanted. The size is 4'x2'. So it is a lg painting.

Then I used acyrlics for all the rest which is suppose to be a big no no. But I am sorry it worked for me. So I started to lay in the trees, Soften the mts, and put in the grasses. Oils take to long to dry for me and I don't like the smell of them. I like acrylics the best and you can even get a watercolor effect with them when you want to.

Then I started to work on the details of the trees and grasses.
And this is the finished pictures. I could stare at it and still see things I could do. But there is a time to call it good so I did. Then I sprayed a matte finish on it.

With Love to you Karen, from Mom. Hope you enjoy it!


Karen said...

I love it mom!!! Thank you so much, I will cherish this forever!!!! :)

Creative Carmelina said...

oh wow! yes, I'd love it too..and Karen is pleased so that's what really counts!

it is wonderful....

and I've mixed oils and acrylics too...

it works for me too! hehee..aren't we a pair of rebels!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Ruth said...

Hello Sharon. I'm glad to have visited you again.

Your new painting is very beautiful. A work of love.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Sylvia said...

This painting is gorgeous, beautiful colors !
So nice your daughter loves it !
Lovely wishes,

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your painting is perfectly pretty Sharon! Love the color palette.
Wishing you a wonderful, creative new week. xx

Marydon said...

G'morn, Sharon ~ Awesome! Just AWESOME! I love the serenity & beauty you bring forth in this piece.

I am following you ...
Have a lovely summer day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Catherine said...

Hello Sharon! i love this painting and the other ones too. Is it watercolor? I did a little pastel myself a long time ago; I will come to see your beautiful work! Catherine

Sanny said...

Hello Sharon!
Thanks so much for the comments on my blog backgrounds , was so happy , I'm not so spoiled with comments.
I really like your blogs and especially your Art.
♥ Sanny

Lynn Stevens said...

I Love birch trees and have painted many myself, These are beautiful, I'm sure she Loves it!
hugs Lynn

Coleen said...

Back for a visit. Thanks for following on Franks in Ukraine. You have such a lovely blog.

Blessings on your day,

Coleen in Ukraine

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