A Painted Cabinet

This is a cabinet I painted a whil back. I love painted furniture and it is so expencive to purchase, so I decided to paint my own. I use this cabinet a lot. It has had many uses in the last three homes we have lived in. If you click on the photo you can enlarge it and see the details.

Blessings, Sharon

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Barbara Jean said...

These are all amazing!!!!

So glad you are doing a blog with your work.
And the blog has turned out beautifully too.

Funny, I had thought for years to do a door in my kithcen as if it were a dutch door open to a barn setting similar to yours. I was into chickens at the time, so there would have been a few of those in there too.
Never did it, so I am enjoying yours extra.

I'm stil fighting whatever has got me down. Looks like no Chirstmas tomorrow either.


barbara jean

PS don't forget to put spell check on here for us fast typers who make mistakes. =0)

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